How do we deliver a candidate to a client?

  • We start our client requirements qualification process where we define the best possible fit and the still possible good fit.
  • From here we prioritise who we approach (no automated process/ bulk mailing), only contacting targeted candidates who fit our clients needs, hereby minimizing waste on wrong matches for our clients, the candidates and ourselves.
  • We conduct an in depth qualification of our candidates and communicate honestly and clearly our findings about the candidate, setting clear client expectation before the client facing interview.
  • we work with fixed competitive permanent recruitment fee model with no hidden cost.
  • We offer a competitive freelance pricing model that is transparent to the client and the freelancer.
  • We amplify the chance of success by involving an extensive network of experts via our Accelerated Performance Programme.


Our Accelerated Performance Programme creates a great incentive for our leadership and shareholders to obtain long term business relationships because of the substantial rewards we grand our partners in the first year of their collaboration.